Cat Teeth Extraction Recovery and the Important Points You Should Remember

Written by Joko Prasetyo · 1 min read >
Cat Teeth Extraction Recovery and the Important Points You Should Remember

Knowledge of cat teeth extraction recovery is quite important for cat owners. Why may that be? Many people do not know but cat dental issues are highly prevalent. There are several common dental health problems that can occur in cat, including: periodontal disease and gingivitis. One or even several cat’s teeth may be removed in the process of taking care of these problems. Having the teeth extracted will be an unpleasant experience for the cat. Is there any way you can do to relieve it?

Cat may not be showing obvious signs that it experiences pain or discomfort after dental removal procedure. It does not mean the cat feels nothing, though. Owner should be mindful of signs such as cat pawing at mouth after dental surgery. Some measures must be taken to make sure that the cat is comfortable enough so that recovery process can be done speedily. There are certain things that cat owner must pay attention to: dental hygiene, food, and nutrition intake.

After dental procedure to remove teeth is done, hygiene should be taken into top of priority list. If owner lets bacteria grows freely in the cat’s mouth, there is a high chance that infections will occur. It will lead to bigger issues in the future. The way to ensure dental hygiene is by cleaning cat’s teeth at least twice a day. Cat owner should use soft tooth brush to do this job. It is important to do the cleaning gently as to not upset other parts of cat’s mouth.

The food given to cat should also be taken into consideration during cat teeth extraction recovery period. Since the number of teeth is reduced, it is understandable that cat will not be able to chew food as it used to. Cat needs to get used to using their remaining teeth for eating. During the first week after dental procedure, owner should only serve soften food. Place hard food away from the cat because even if it experiences oral pain, it will still eat the hard food.

Additional nutrition should also be incorporated to cat’s diet during this recovery process. Owner can provide cat vitamins to speed up recovery. It can be given through treats or oral supplements. Avoiding food that has high carbohydrate content is also pivotal since such food may cause built-up tartar in cat’s teeth. The information about cat teeth extraction recovery should help owner navigating aftercare process of cat following dental removal surgery.

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