Choosing Pukani Dry Rock to Create Great Artificial Ecosystem in Your Aquarium

Written by Joko Prasetyo · 1 min read >
Choosing Pukani Dry Rock to Create Great Artificial Ecosystem in Your Aquarium

When you have aquarium, it will look nice to add pukani dry rock. Aquarium is not just like a pond where you can have water with some fishes in there. When it is aquarium, it can be part of your home decoration and it can make the room nice. At the same time, aquarium also becomes place for fishes to live. That’s why you need to make the aquarium so comfortable for the fish and make it nice for home decoration. Adding dry rocks will be one of the great ideas.

Dry rocks for aquarium is not just simple things. It can be so useful for both decoration and ecosystem. That is why you need to find good dry rocks, so you can get full benefits from the rocks. In this case, there are actually many products of dry rocks to find. As for reference, the pukani dry rock aquascape can become good choices. There are some reasons that make the product so great and these are some of them.


Design and size

You will find that there are various sizes and designs of the dry rocks for your aquarium. Various products can be chosen and these look great. There are many holes that can be space for the fish to hide. By having these dry rocks, it is like giving your fish nice house in the ecosystem. Although it is artificial one, it is good for the fish. Some nooks can also be good place for corals to live.


Free of pest

Then, the pukani dry rock is made with good quality. One of them is about the feature of pest free. This even becomes the main reason that makes the products so popular. By having the feature, you will not need to worry about parasites, bugs, and other aquatic pests that can harm your fish. The rocks have such special treatment so there will be no pests living on the rocks.

These two things become main reasons of choosing the dry rocks. Although there are some alternative, it is still better with some features offered, especially about the pest free feature. It is very useful since you will not need to give special maintenance for the rocks and whole aquarium and your fish will always be healthy. There are also spots for fish to hide and nooks for corals. Surely, pukani dry rock will make great ecosystem in your aquarium where all kinds of fish can survive well and comfortably.

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