Petland Puppy Mills and the Reasons to Adopt Instead of Buying Dogs

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Petland Puppy Mills and the Reasons to Adopt Instead of Buying Dogs

Petland puppy mills have been a controversial subject among pet lovers. Back then, Petland is a well-known chain of pet store packed by pet-loving customers every single day. However, it is then revealed that the pet store company treats the dogs in the shops with cruelty. Instead of bringing home a happy dog from Petland, most customers end up with sickly, sullen dogs caused by years of cruel treatment they got.

If you do not want the same story to happen to you, you need to abandon the idea of going to Petland and get a dog there. Instead, you need to go to local dog shelters and adopt. It is now believed that adopting a dog from local dog shelter is way better than buying one at pet stores like Petland or other stores. Why you need to adopt? Here are the reasons why.

You will Save a Dog’s Life

Dogs being brought to shelters are usually those who have been abandoned on streets or have been rescued from difficult situations, such as cruel previous owner. By adopting a dog and not buying one at Petland puppy mills, you have the chance to safe a dog’s life. You also have the opportunity to give a second chance to a dog to be happy again with you and your family.


You will Help Stopping Animal Cruelty

Sometimes people are wondering why Petland puppy prices are considerably cheaper. Well, the answer is because they treat the dogs and puppy there very badly and they force the dogs to breed non-stop in order to produce more and more puppies to sell. Because they have so many puppy to sell, regardless of the cruel treatment, they can sell the puppy to customers in cheaper price.


You will Support Local Shelters

Local dog shelters are usually non-profit organization. They take no money from people who want to adopt the dogs, except for the paperwork and medical needs maybe. By adopting dogs from them, you’ll have the chance to encourage and support everyone in that organization to keep doing what they’re doing. Eventually, it will help them to save more dogs and give happy endings to numerous other dogs.

It is now clear as day that adopting a dog is basically a very essential move to take. You do not need to support animal cruelty buy buying dogs at puppy mills. Those places, like Petland puppy mills, are not going to give you the dog you deserve.

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